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Glass Extensions

Glass extensions are a fantastic way to improve the look of your home and add value to it. Glass extensions that are up to date can be a beautiful accent to the exterior of your home and make it possible for you to enjoy your backyard throughout the year.
We create a bespoke solution for you, whether you want an expansion to your living space that is harmonised and integrated or you wish to employ a glazed structure to add a new architectural feature to your home.

What to Consider Before Glass Extensions?

Choosing the right extension requires careful consideration of several factors. There are many factors to consider, including budget, layout and functionality. Improving your property is crucial because it raises its resale value and enhances its visual appeal. Adding a glass box to your house is a surefire method to make it look unique.
It’s essential to check for a building¬† before beginning construction on your glass addition. It is also necessary to check whether or not your home requires planning permission before starting construction. Adding on is a smart move because most types of construction will complement the addition. Obtaining planning approval for a glass addition should be easy as long as it is classified as an expansion.

Glass House Extensions

You can customise more complicated constructions as a homeowner. A budget-friendly and customised glass home addition is always available. They’re easy to install, which benefits you.

Frameless Glass Extensions

There is a long history of using glass boxes to extend a building. Their framework is also entirely transparent glass beams. Doing this gives the impression that the tabletop is made of solid glass rather than metal or wood.

Glass Kitchen Extensions

The glass kitchen addition lets light in and clears the way for a better look at the scenery beyond the house. Transform your cramped, gloomy kitchen into a spacious, light-filled, open layout with minimal effort.

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