Delivering Exceptional Architectural Design & Build Solutions


What We Can Do For You

Regardless of what kind of architectural or building work you need, Atelier can help you. We guarantee that every aspect of our service, including our materials and quality standards, will be exceptional. We provide in-depth, custom building and construction services performed by skilled experts.


Modern glass extensions have glass walls and roofs, connecting indoors with outdoors and inviting light. Our glass expansions merge architecture with nature, creating light-filled, attractive rooms that revolutionise modern living.


Orangeries are attractive, semi-glazed garden rooms made of brick or stone with big windows, excellent for year-round use. Atelier provides the most outstanding service with years of expertise and cutting-edge methods and technologies.


A conservatory is a bright, wholly glazed space added to homes for relaxing, gardening, or dining. At Atelier, we create elegant and valuable living spaces with light-filled conservatories that combine interior and outdoors.


These doors have sleek aluminium frames with large openings that maximise space and light in indoor-outdoor living. For over 45 years, Atelier has used technology, new materials, and creativity to make high-quality slim aluminium windows and doors.


These windows and doors can be used in various constructions without compromising energy efficiency or durability. At Atelier, we create durable, stylish designs that save energy. They improve your room and make the most of natural light and views.


Porches provide protected entrances and add to your home’s utility and curb appeal, while outbuildings are detached structures used for various purposes. Atelier offers outbuildings to improve outdoor life by blending beauty, functionality, and classic architectural style.


Verandas are covered outdoor spaces attached to a building, providing shelter and an alfresco living area, perfect for entertaining and relaxation. We create attractive, covered areas that are usable throughout the year, bridging the gap between indoors and outside with verandas.


Home extensions increase utility and value by expanding a property’s living area horizontally or vertically to meet individual demands. Our extension services provide more room to spread out and improve the look and functionality of the original building.


These include restoring or upgrading existing properties and improving aesthetics, functionality, and energy efficiency while maintaining or improving market value. Atelier is the master of property refurbishing, giving old buildings new life through creative design and skilled construction.


Atelier designs and builds kitchens and bathrooms that combine creative design, modern technology, and utility to create stunning homes.