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Architecture In Glass

No one does it better when designing and installing architectural glass in London. As a team, we work with our clients to create beautiful spaces.
Glass has enormous structural potential that is rarely utilised; it may be used to create structurally sound walls, roofs,  conservatories. This is where we jump in.

Our Approach

The most classic of our glass architectural types, Atelier glass architecture, are attractive and flexible addition to any home.
At Atelier, we provide stylish glasses for your door sets and window designs that will make your entire house look more modern and chic. Transform your interior space into an extension of your outside living area in your home. In addition, we provide a variety of powder-coating colours so that you may find the right match for your space.

Doors & Windows

We provide a wide selection of structural windows and doors, many of which use our patented concealed-frame glass technology. You can have any combination of a hinge, pivot, bi-fold, slide, or stack-and-fold door or window made for you.

Staircases & Handrails

Atelier skillfully designs frameless glass handrails for staircases and balconies. Glass safety panels and steps are becoming more popular to bring natural light into homes and open up dark spaces.

Roofs & Rooflights

Flooding an interior space with sunlight through glass roofs or roof lights is possible. Using glass as a structural material, we expand spans and reduce the framework to let as much natural light into the building as feasible.

Why Choose Us?

45+ Years of Excellence

Atelier shares four and a half decades as an expert group of architecture designers in London.

End-to-End Solutions

From the consultation to construction, we provide end-to-end services to make your dreams a reality.

Creative Designing

Our designers adopt a creative approach to deliver the best results to London residents.

Company Profile

Atelier is a group of expert architecture designers dedicated to transforming your commercial and residential spaces into something excellent.